What will my child do at Orchard House?

Children are encouraged to engage in most activities with recognition and praise being given to all who participate. Certificates and stickers are also awarded to children who achieve something in which they have not done before. These could be for simple things like tidying up, helping others or making their own weird and wonderful model from construction toys.
child playing with toy
girl playing with toy

An example session at Orchard House

After the doors open at 0915, registration takes place. A morning or afternoon session would typically include a variety of activities including free play, 1:1 time with a key-worker and then adult-led activities. Phonics, games, “tidy up time” followed by a story close off each and every session. At both 10:15 and 14:15, our snack bar opens for 30 minutes. Two of the children serve snacks to their friends. The garden is available to play in at any point throughout the day, weather permitting.

And finally...

Throughout the year at Orchard House, we hold various events such as; Sponsored obstacle course, Summer trips, Christmas Party, Fancy Dress days and many more.
boy dressing in builders uniform